Monday, February 9, 2015

My Art Room: It's a mess. Is yours?

Today I have pictures of my messy art room to share with you.
Most of my art is drying.
It's not as bad as I think it is looking at these pictures.
I do have a lot of stuff squeezed in a small room - 10'x10'.

Here is what my table looks like.
Looking at it, it's not bad.
I actually have a place to work.
Usually my creating space gets smaller and smaller because I never put things back when I'm finished using them.

If you were sitting at my table this is what my floor looks like to the left.
I use things and when I have no space on my table I throw it on the floor.
You can see that I like to make piles.
Those white drawers are rubber stamps and three drawers of stencils.
The set of two drawers are my Big Shot and dies. The top drawer is full of all my alpha stamps.

This area is right next to the white drawers (Ikea).
You can see all my Sci-fi movies.
The stop shelf are things I received and I haven't put away and miscellaneous paintings in different stages. Paintings I'm working on leaning on it.
The little brown set of drawers is very old.
It was my grandmother's.  My mother used it to hold all her art supplies.
I use it for all my bits and pieces of chipboard, wood pieces, string and ribbons.

These shelves hold canvases, paintings I hate that I will redo someday.
Books, stamps, paper, spray paint, plus my TV.
This area I need to reorganize.
I do have a small closet full of other supplies plus art cases, shipping envelopes, more books.
I would love to take the door off and add more shelves.
It would add more space.

You can see the closet door in the next picture.
The holder on the closet is full of miscellaneous supplies plus cards and tags that I have made.
The shelves are full of paints, inks and the drawer below is full of old music books, dictionaries, and encyclopedias plus deli paper. 
The little drawers next to it are full of miscellaneous adhesive, blades for my X-acto knives, and who know what else.

What you don't see right behind my table is a window and under it are shelves with art journals, gels, gesso, and other mediums. Draws full of grungeboard, quotes, and containers for ephemera.

Here is my basket full of stamps I use on a regular basis.
I don't keep the packaging.
I just throw them in.

I would love to take everything out of the room plus the closet. 
Paint the walls a neutral shade.
Reorganize and put everything back.
It would take me weeks to do it on my own.

Is your art space a mess?

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  1. YES! Plus I have a large Sorg easel with thousands of pastels and a taboret for oil. I try to keep the messy mixed media section neat, but it isn't easy!

  2. Whoa! and Wow! I thought my crafting area was chaotic, but I think you've got me beat--tee-hee!! Seriously. Artists need the process of creating not necessarily the process of logical organization. So go ahead and create away!!!!


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