Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Travel Art Journal

When I travel I always bring a small art journal and supplies.
No expectations of doing anything special.
Just something to play in on down time.

Here are a few pages from my last trip to Chicago to visit my daughter.
It was going to be only black and white but my daughter has paints and I couldn't resist.

The first thing I did was stencil my suitcase. 
I bought a new one that's easier to roll because of my sore shoulder.

Here are my art journal pages. I did add paint, modeling paste, gel medium on different pages before I left. I either added to them or I was able to start a new page.

As you can see I used scraps of paper, a few stencils, and I always bring a few stamps with me.

I also took some of rubber stamps with quotes and stamped them on deli paper. 

I also try to draw faces. They just make me laugh.

Paper towels torn into a heart for texture.

Plus I always bring my favorite white pen.

Wanted to see what this stencil looked like.

That's it for my pages.
As you can see I really don't think about how my page is going to look. 
I just start and finish.
Traveling with a journal can be fun.
Some day I will do a themed travel journal.

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  1. I love what you did with your suitcase! No trouble finding it among a bunch of other suitcases! :)


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