Saturday, February 25, 2012

It Whispers...Listen Closely

I'm a hoarder of quotes. Every time I see one I write down, print it out, or tear it out of magazine. I need to try to organize all of them some how but I everytime I start I just give up.  This one I saw in a magazine and I believe it is actually from a larger quote that I searching for so I have it complete.

For this canvas (8x8) I started with gel medium and tissue paper to add texture to the canvas. The heart I cut out of handmade paper someone gave me years ago. Once everything was dry, I colored the heart and background with acrylic ink, sprays, rub ons, archival inks and stamps. 

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  1. love it! I think the quote might be from The Land Before Time:
    Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely."

    And check out QuotationsBook - you can register for a free account and keep all those precious quotes in one place!

  2. Ok so after seeing your GPP crusade pages I've been poking around the rest of your blog, and I just love this canvas! I have a set of three canvases started with tissue paper for texture, with song lyrics planned to go on each one. Don't you just love the effect that scrunched up tissue paper gives? I love your colors here, too, and the way you put the quote on a little tag. Just a beautiful canvas.


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