Sunday, February 19, 2012

Art Journal Every Day - Do You See Gods Tears or Your Own?

Hello! Today I have a two page spread in my journal that means so much to me for Julie's Art Journal Everyday.  Both my parents died in 2004 and my daughter took it very hard. She was very close to them. In fact, we didn't really know how hard until later when she battled depression. I believe when you lose parents it leaves a heart shaped hole in your heart that doesn't completely fill up. For my daughter the heart shaped hole was quite large and hard to handle plus it came at a time where she was going through so many other things. During this time she wrote a poem that I love so much. The poem tells you about her feelings of sadness and loss, very raw, very real.

Here is the poem.

Through Your Eyes

When I was younger
I knew rain as God’s tears
When I grew older
They became tears of sorrow
Now when I look at the rain
I see my tears, my sorrow
For the raindrops symbolize
My insides of remorse
Remorse that stays in the middle of your heart
Like a block of hard cold stone
Which is so heavy it cannot be moved
On the outside, the sun may shine
My eyes and smile give a light so bright
Trying not to show the real me
The rain is pouring in my heart
I lost people I love
I lost friends and gained enemies
Never knowing why
My heart is torn in two
And the rain is drizzling down
Though my veins
Running in my blood
Infecting me
With the way I think and act
When I look outside at the water leaking from the sky
I see my insides
I see my tears
I see my heart breaking open to let the tears roll down
on my life
I have one question to ask though
When you look outside at the rain
What do you see?
Do you see God’s tears or your own?

By Kaylyn A. Henderson

I love this poem for some many reasons. It shows her true feelings, those feelings she couldn't say in words. Some day I will put it on a canvas when I figure out what I want to do. In the meantime I can experiment in my journal.

The raindrops are put on the journal pages with modeling paste. Here is a closeup so you can see the dimension.

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