Thursday, September 29, 2011

Journal Pages on plane, Journal Pages on a train, Journal Pages here or there....

Journal Pages Everywhere!

Salutations! While traveling to Florida I made a journal page on the plane and few others sitting by the pool and a few in my sister's craft room! The one thing I love about journals are they are so easy to take with you. I bought a small messenger bag that fit quite a few art supplies and a couple of journals perfectly. 

The first journal page isn't my favorite. I started part of it at home and finished it on the plane. The plane ran into quite a bit a turbulence and using watercolors while you are bumping around doesn't really work! What I should have done is started a fresh page and let the watercolors run all over the page!

I'm going to add a quote to the page but I can't make up my mind on which quote I want!

This page I did the night before I left. I had a 1PM flight back.

The clock and twigs dies are from Tim Holtz.  I love the clock and I think I may use it on quite a lot of projects.

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