Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wonder and Awe!

Salutations!  I have an art journal page to show you today.  Art journals are wonderful to create. It's probably the only place that I can just go for it and not think about if it looks nice or not.  The one thing I like better than paper paste is gesso because it dries faster.  You can add thick gesso to any template to add dimension to the page.  I did that for the white flower on the pages.

I realized I didn't use the whole template but it left an empty spot for some words. The background was made with Liquidtex acrylic paints. The twigs on the bottom are a Tim Holtz stamp.

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  1. Hi Karen! Another great journal page. You really are experimenting with a lot of different techniques. It looks like you're having fun. I've never tried gesso, but your results are great.

  2. Hi Karen, I love your art journal page, beautiful colors and your flowers with gesso are neat! I haven't tried gesso yet either and might just have to try it :)

    Thanks for inspiring me and joining in the link party on my blog! Have a creative day :)

  3. OOOhhh Karen! I love this!! I just want to run my hands over it to feel all that yummy texture! I love the bright background and colors. I've had my eye on some templates forever and keep thinking I could just create my own with my cricut. Just another one of the ideas that never make it into the real world.. lol!

  4. Wow... such a beautiful page! I just did my first page and found you through Jan's Link party.


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