Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inchie Swap

Salutations! I joined an inchie swap on Splitcoaststampers and it was so much fun. This weekend I received a package full of inchies from the swap. Remember these are 1" x 1" pieces of art.

The theme for these are Vintage Treats. As you can see there are many interpretations for this theme. I love the tiny candy pieces and on the kool-aid inchie there is a little pocket in the back holding a kool-aid packet.

The bingo card with the little beads is too cute.  The little tag and flower brad is adorable.

Theme: Charmed I'm Sure

Look at all those little charms. They are so cute. I love the little knitting needles and yarn.  The third one from the top I had a hard time photographing that one. Its metal and says friends forever.  Very cool.

This one is my favorite.  Alice vs. Dorothy.  It looks like a tie! Not sure who won this one in the swap. Look closely see the eyes on the chesire cat?  The Dorothy inchie in the middle is wonderful. There is a crystal ball with Dorothy's picture in it.  Amazing.

Everyone in the swap received a little gift. I just don't know how Joyce (Jmaraul on SCS) does it all. She swapped 1600 inchies!  I couldn't do it and don't even want to try. She is amazing!

Sorry it's sideways for some reason blogger won't upload it the correct way. Inside the survival kit is M&Ms and two inchies. 

Joyce, thanks for a wonderful swap! 

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  1. Karenliz, how wonderful! I can see that many of them are your style. Enjoy them!

  2. Those are simply amazing!!! Who would have thought so much could be expressed in one inch!

  3. Very cool! There are a LOT of inchies there! How many did you have to make for the swap? It looks rather daunting!

  4. Very cool! I love the inchies!!


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