Wednesday, June 13, 2018

on my mind, out of my mind, oh no my mind!

Hi Everyone. Welcome to another "out of my mind" post. I'm going to use these posts to babble and show you creations I've started but not finished. 

So this is usually the way my art room looks like. I call it sort of clean. My room is never really clean and there is usually stuff piled somewhere.  It works for me.

Lately I've been purging things that I just don't use or don't bring me joy. While sitting at my table trying to get my mojo working, I saw that my art room closet door was open.  No, no don't open it! I did open it. I can't even put anything in there it's so full.

I decided that I needed to clean it out and figure out what is in there. In the next pic you'll see I can't work anywhere!

I'm not even done pulling everything out! I now wish I never opened that door! The plastic bin is full of art work is pieces I started but never finished. I decided to take at least 10 pieces out at a time and decide whether I'm finishing them, start from a blank slate and gesso them, or if it's a canvas I don't want, I'll cut off the canvas to use on another project. 

Guess what? I LOVE CUTTING OFF THE CANVAS. This idea I got from Jackie P. Neal, my wonderfully talented art sister. She scans in her art work and uses it in other projects. Why not the actually canvas?????

After this closet I'm going to clean out this drawer of scraps. Don't get me wrong I love scraps but I want to use them for collage.  I'm going to start to pull them out and creating starter collages that I can then put on a canvas.

Finally I'll leave you with two pieces I made. First one is a bouquet I made for my god-daughter for her recital; her last recital.

Last, this is an abstract piece I made on watercolor paper and gelatos. Gelatos are not my favorite tool to use but I keep trying to love them.

Well, if you read this far thank you!  I'm off to clean up the closet vomit! Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Hi Karenliz. I had to stop by and leave you a comment as I can so relate to this. I have so much stuff that needs sorting and always seem to find a reason why I can't sort it. I am impressed at how brave you are to start this, do you have plans for the stuff you decide you don't want as this is another thing that stops me getting started. I loved seeing your desk too. On a Wednesday I join in WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) where crafters and artists from all over the world share their desks. It's just a bit of fun but there are a friendly lot. If you're interested it's at: Hope you have a lovely creative week, when you get the time! Angela xXx

    1. Hi Angela! It's really freeing to get rid of stuff you're not using or just painting over something to start fresh. The stuff I get rid of is either crap so I through it out or I have a huge full day scrapbooking event for breast cancer every year. I don't scrapbook but I go for the fun. Many scrapbooks do more than scrap, so there is a donation table and I leave stuff there. If there is anything new, I wrap it in clear wrap and it's raffled off.

  2. You go, girl - purging and clearing is the absolute best thing to stir up the creative juices. I LOVE the bouquet - lucky girl!!


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