Thursday, April 21, 2016

It's Spring! Time for ......

Hi Everyone!
I'm excited for Spring!
Warmer Weather


Twitterpated birds building their nests in the gutters on my house.
I call them bird condos.

Flowers blooming
Warmer weather, warmer waters to swim
I'm doing some major Spring time purging in my art room.
Here is a before picture from my Art Room Tour you can see HERE
This picture was taken after I finished a purge.
Sometime in the distance future, I'll be getting rid of the rug and painting but for now I have a need for it to be less claustrophobic. There is stuff in every crevice, shelf, box, etc. I use most of it but I don't want to see what I don't use as often.
The biggest reason I started, I lost one of my favorite stencils.
It's an old one; discontinued.
I came home from a very stressful day at work and went into my room and just yelled and screamed using paint, markers, anything that would make a mark. It was very therapeutic. When I was done I picked up everything on the floor (nothing was really worth saving) and thru it ALL away. The stencil must have been on the floor in between the papers because I did use it.
Oh the pain! Tears! Frustration again!
So off to Ikea to find piece of furniture where I can store supplies and be able to get rid of furniture that is just taking up room.
I started Sunday; it's Thursday and I'm still not done.
Here are a couple of pictures when I started a couple days apart.
Sorry the pictures are from my cell and not very clear.
Those two white drawers under the window is what I bought at Ikea. My plan is to have the space on top of them for a drying station. When I took this picture I was so frustrated with all the stuff I had that I was able to throw out two large garbage bags of pure junk. Yes, it was junk!
This was taken Tuesday night and it still looks that way. I have lots to do. Bins and baskets to sort through, papers scattered here and there. There is still one large piece of furniture sitting in my kitchen I have to go through. I'm not putting that back in the room!
My goal now is to have only one small piece of furniture under my table (holds my markers, etc.). See the door knob in the lower right hand corner? That little white bin has wheels (Ikea) and that's where I am now storing my TCW stencils. More in another post!
I knew I wasn't going to find the stencil but at least I'm starting to feel a little bit better about my space.
Stay tuned for the final viewing and some art!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I love your Twitterpated Birds painting!!

  2. Nothing like a spring cleaning to energize the go, girl! Lovely to see the results of your winter push to spring here, and I look forward to seeing the photos of your 'new' studio!

  3. hehe... happy cleaning up! Maybe you can get that stencil 2nd hand somewhere?! Which one is it?

  4. So sad you lost your stencil... :( but your room is awesome!!


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