Monday, January 18, 2016

A Tour of My Art Room. Come on In!!!!


This is the view when you walk in the door.
No lights on - this is how bright it is when the sun is out.

On the left as you walk in ....

On the white shelves you see .....

In the chest of drawers, they contain .....

These shelves under the window contain .....

These white sets of drawers are from Ikea (love these drawers) and they contain ....

The shelves under the window behind my table ...

This wall unit contains wood letters, words, metal embellishments, tiny bottles, flowers, etc.

This shelf unit contains .....

Closet door. The hanging pockets come in handy for miscellaneous stuff. The closet contains ugly canvas waiting for its time to be repainted, frames, more books, travel art bags

Finally my table.
It doesn't look this clean.
It's usually a mess.
From my table I can watch Sci-Fi movies and keep my computer on the table too.
It's a perfect spot to watch online workshops/classes that I take.

That's it. 
It's not that big.
10' x 10'

The dining room closet has more supplies that I don't use that often especially for holidays. Plus packaging materials to mail out my art.

I really want to empty the entire room and paint the walls and take out the carpet and put in a wood floor.
talk my husband into letting me sell the dining room table and chairs so I can use that room too. LOL

I hope you enjoyed the tour!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. oh yes!! I have been waiting patiently to see your room!!! OMG!! it is chock full!! Love love love the shelving and the drawers! I think you need to paint up the chest though! and add some funky handles! I'll be over to play! heehee
    Thanks so much for sharing my art sister! xoxo

  2. I have grandma & granpa in my room too! :)

  3. Oh wow! You have so many awesome art supplies...well-organized too. Love the huge tubs of Golden mediums (they are sooooo expensive in Singapore) and those Liquitex spray paints I so want to try. Hope you convince your hubby to let you take over the dining room...*winks* Thanks for sharing your space!

  4. Fabulous tour! I love how there's a place for everything and everything is in its place. I just moved and am still trying to figure out where everything belongs in my craft room. You've inspired me to find more plastic containers, that not everything has to be piled on top of everything else and can be put away and still in reach. Thanks for taking the time to show off your space!

  5. Oh, and what are your favorite sci-fi movies? I'm more of a fantasy movie lover, but won't turn down the sci-fi either. ;)

  6. Oh wow, what a great art space!! So much light in there. I love tons of light, it makes me happy. Serious creativity going on in this room, heheh.


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