Monday, September 28, 2015

Ugly Canvas BUT not sure I saved it either!

Well, I think it's ugly.
I'm not a blue person.
I was using spray paint and by accident this painting was sprayed.
It's not a happy painting.

Black gesso to the rescue!
Maybe a little white paint.
Nope so not working.
I have no ideal what I'm doing.

So I took the new Triangle Sunburst stencil plus some heavy body acrylics

and painted the stencil design on

to look like flowers

I used the Herbarium stencil to add some leaves plus I decided to add more flowers.

I'm still trying to decided if I like it or not.
Is it still ugly?

Let's turn on it's side

Still not sure I like.
I originally wasn't going to share it.
But I like to share my good, bad and ugly projects.

Do you like?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Sometimes we try stuff and it just doesn't work. You did the right thing-you kept changing it up. I do like it better on the side. Very colorful. I like adding a word or words to mine sometimes. not sure if that appeals to you? Really love the sunburst in those vibrant colors!

  2. I think it turned out beautiful Karenliz! the added colors just pop - I think you went the right way here with the stencil choice and colors on black!

  3. Not at all ugly, Karenliz! I AM a blue person and I actually quite liked the first version of your canvas, too. I've got some projects as well that I never shared, but you're right it's important to document our journey, warts and all.


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