Monday, October 6, 2014

Modeling Paste, Acrylics and Vaseline....Oh My!

Yes, Vaseline. 
This time it was all me.
My stencil aliens weren't involved.

I decided to try to see how many layers Core'dinations Core Basics 110 lbs. card stock could take. I love layers and finding the perfect substrate for certain projects is key.

First, WOW! It held up and didn't even tear, curl, fall apart.
Although I don't have layer by layer pictures (in the zone) I will tell you there are 6 layers of  acrylic paint and inks on this piece of paper plus modeling paste.

I know you asking "What about the Vaseline?".
I waned to add yellow to the paper but didn't want to cover up the dark purple acrylic ink.
I wiped Vaseline on the piece and then brushed on the yellow paint.
Let it dry then wiped off the Vaseline.
It was much easier than using a baby wipe and much more fun.
You have to try it!

Pretty cool, right?
I also used The Crafter's Workshop Stencil TCW472s Persian Gate with modeling paste in the second layer. In between each layer I added gel matte medium too so I guess it has many more layers.

Looking at it I had to create a Halloween piece.
The funny part of it is that I got so involved in creating this piece I covered up most of the texture. 
After all that hard work on the layers and I looked at the finished piece and I couldn't see where I added the Vaseline. 
That's just what happens when I get in the zone. 
Does this happen to you?

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