Friday, July 11, 2014

Things You Don't Know


 I thought I would share a few things you don’t know about me before I show you my creation.

I have lots of favorite stamps that I use often and keep them in baskets on my table. I do not know the manufacturer, stamp name, and the baskets keep filling up.  Not a good thing for a blog but I’m sure if you ask me I might be able to figure it out. Maybe. 

I’m finding I love white space in my art journals.

I love coloring in coloring books. Since I have none I use my stamps for that purpose. Creating my own pages to color in. Relieves stress sitting in front of the TV.

I love bright colors in my art work but I don’t own a lot of clothes with colors. Black is my preference with maybe a pop of color.

All of the above sums up today’s creation.
Lots of color, lots of things to color in and love the white space.
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  1. Karen, I absolutely love this spread! Your colors are gorgeous on your white background! Brilliant! xo
    How are you feeling? how much more pt?

    1. ps...I love coloring in coloring books too!!


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