Sunday, December 15, 2013

Extra Envelopes and One Stencil

I usually cut my own paper for cards but sometimes I find packages of cards in the sales bins.  As I make cards there are mistakes and the card is thrown out. I now have extra envelopes.  With Christmas on it's way I need envelopes for gift cards so I'm using the extra envelopes. I challenged myself with one stencil, paints and brown kraft envelopes.

This is the stencil I'm using Twas The night.

I love to use washi tape and decided to use it for these envelopes. I'm liking pink for Christmas so I may be making more pink trees.

I did use the circle explosion stencil for the background to make it look like snow.

I'm not a gold person and usually any metallics on a project is silver but I love the way this one came out.

I now have three envelopes for gift cards. Two more to go!
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