Thursday, October 17, 2013


Most of my projects are not finished yet so I thought I would share with you some pictures I took. This first one is a moth that was on my house. It has fur!

Pretty amazing isn't it. I didn't take this picture in black and white; this is the color. He was amazing to look at.
The leaves are starting to fall faster here in Connecticut. The only thing I love about the fall is the color of the leaves.  This shot is at my office but the leaves have not changed much and the ones that have the colors are not the greatest. The colors of the leaves are different depending on where you are in the state. On my way to work there is one section that the colors are amazing. Fall is beautiful but I hate the cool soon to be cold weather.

I had to laugh at this because I can't fix it and have to find someone to do it. We have bird condos in part of our gutters on the house. This is their grass they planted. I'm assuming they look out at a garden.

Here is close up.

Well, now I must find someone to clean out our bird condos. Our gutters are the ones where leaves don't fall in them and they do work but the birds love them. Nothing I can do right now but laugh!
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