Monday, July 15, 2013

Not finished yet!

I have a few projects that are not complete but I thought I would show you them over the next few day. I have to walk away from them because I'm not sure what to do next or just leave them as an abstract piece. They are not in my regular bright colors so I think that's why I may change them up a little.

As you can see I used lots of stencil. I think my newest stencil called tiny dots (Balzer Designs) is one of my favorites right now.  I'm really bad at writing down what I use to create a piece. I get in a zone and when I'm done or have to walk away my desk is full of products that I used or didn't use.
This is all done with acrylic paints on acrylic paper (Strathmore 12x12), ink and stencils.
What would your next step be?
I would love to hear what you would do.
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  1. Loving this so far! My first thought/feeling when I saw it was sitting on a screened-in deck (the chevrons)...the sun sparkling (the white dots) on the leaves of the foliage outside (the green). I started to look for a bright flower in the garden...that's what I'd add next :)


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