Monday, May 20, 2013

Words, Words, Words

No new art today. I was busy this past week and have projects in process but nothing near completion.  I thought this quote would be a good one for a Monday. There was a train accident on Friday and the trains are not running this week. I will have to leave my house before 6am all week to drive to Norwalk and drop my husband off there for the train. The good thing is that I work only 5 minutes from the train station. The worse part is those who took the train are now having to drive to work.  If I left at my normal time it would take me over 3 hours to get to work because of all the extra traffic. This is not going to be a very challenging week.
Have a great day!
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  1. Hi there!

    Love the quote!! I found your blog thru Seth's Art Blog Directory and i thought i'd stop and say hi!I just love all your colorful art! I hope you'll pop over and say hi!Hugs! deb


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