Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Artsy Weekend

Last weekend I had my god-daughter over and we pulled out paints, inks, and cardboard and had lots of fun.  She loved one of my projects I made with cardboard and the way I pulled away some it so it looks distressed.  She had a hard time doing it so I told her the secret, Water!  That's right just dip your finger or a paint brush in water and make a wet mark where you want the paper to rip. I also wanted to show her how to make silhouettes using pictures out of magazines or catalogs. Saturday's mail just happened to have a catalog from Lands End but the hardest part was picking out a good model to make a silhouette. All you have to do is cut it out and paint it with black acyclic paint.

Once we distressed the cardboard we used acrylic paints and stencils to make the background.  Before we adhered the silhouettes to the cardboard we wrote our quotes in white and sprayed it with sealer and then used matte medium and attached it to the cardboard.

Here is Cassidy's.

Create a life that feels good on the inside not one that
just looks good on the outside.
She hates her handwriting but I think she did a beautiful job.  She just started a blog, Cassidy's Craft Corner, and she has a YouTube channel.  She is really good in front of a camera. Go on over and take a look.
Here is mine.
Don't let a bad dad make you feel like
you have a bad life.
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Go over and check out Cassidy's Blog and YouTube Channel!

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  1. I love both! Cassidy did a great job! I love both quotes!


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