Sunday, April 21, 2013

Enjoy Life's Moments

Here is a quick journal page I made when I couldn't sleep one night during tax season. I started to spray the page with ink, the bottle fell out of my hand, the top was loose so I ended up with a puddle of ink. No big deal I would just let it drip down the page and dry it with my heat gun BUT my heat gun died.  Thank goodness I have a small fan in my art room for drying. I'm usually working on two projects at a time so I put one under the fan and continue to work. While it was drying I found these little hearts on my table plus washi tap and finished this page. Once it was done I felt less stressed, tired and went back to bed.

I'm linking this with Julie's Art Journal Every Day. You should go over and look at her journal pages plus every one's linked pages!

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  1. Great reminder for dealing with unexpected events - and for de-stressing!


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