Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Collage; I love it.

I love looking at the art of Collage. I just joined Pinterest and there is so much inspiration in all forms of art. Some pieces I can just stare at it and just can't take my eyes of it. The one thing I do like and gravitate to is collage. I think its all the paper. Lets face it I'm addicted. I do keep the tiny pieces hoping to use them some day.

I decided to use an old Creative Memories scrapbooking journal (5x7) to work on my version of collage. I just pulled out my box of miscellaneous scraps and just made these two pages without really thinking about it. I haven't decided is I'm going to use up any of the white space on these pages. I might just leave them as is. 

Here is the journal I'm using.

The pages on the side are black and white. I had the pages for the album but not the sleeves that slide over them. So instead of throwing it out I decided to use it for my collage study.
Here are my two pages. The first page is my favorite.
Sorry for the terrible pictures. It was late one night and I took these shots in my art room.
Instead of using my collection of old ephemera I decided to use bits of my scraps and scrapbook paper.  I love the bright colors on these two pages.  How do you like them?
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  1. Love them and glad to see collage with scrap paper!

  2. that ooks stunning!

    Happy collage this!
    I came across with an invitation for our monthly event over on



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