Saturday, February 19, 2011

SPORTS!!!! ME???

Salutations!  A friend of ours has a small sports store in our local ice rink that rents skates and sells sports memorabilia.  He loves my art work and keeps asking me to make art so he can sell it in his store.  I've been thinking about it for a couple of months and decided to try. I'm not a sports person. I know nothing about it. It's just not my thing. I don't have to make my art sports themed but since thats what sells in the store I had to channel my sports creativity.  Boy, was it hard.  Like most of my ideas I had a weird dream about making these huge, no gigantic like the size of a building, art canvases with all this sports stuff.  When I woke up I realized I have small canvases that I can use to try to make my dream come true! (ha,ha,ha!)

Here are my canvases!

3"x3" Canvas (above)

5"x5" Canvases (above)

I love quotes and words and use them in most of my art work. I had to figure out how to incorporate them on the canvas and decided to type up the definition of hockey and copy it over and over until it fit on an 8.5"x11" piece of paper.  Then I sprayed the paper with acrylic sealer because I didn't know how it would react to paper adhesive and acrylic paint.  I took the definition paper and torn it into different sized pieces and adhered them to the canvas with Perfect Paper Adhesive.  Mod Podge works amazing too but I was out of it at the time. Once dried I squeezed a small amount of aqua acrylic paint on the canvas and used a faux credit card (the ones you get in the mail when some company is offering you a credit card) and scraped the paint on the canvas.  That was so much fun. I cut a hockey stick background, hockey players and hockey helmets out of black paper from the Sports Mania Cricut Cartridge. I used the hocky stick background to stencil hockey sticks on parts of the canvases with red acrylic paint plus I used cranberry alcohol inks here and there on the canvases. The next step was to glue the players, helmets, and quotes and seal with two coats of Mod Podge.  I attached picture hangers on the back along with my name, email address and my blog address. My husband works in the store on the weekends so he took them in today.  I will let you know if they sell!

In the end I loved making them and have more ideas for more sports art. Although it took time to channel my sports creativity I loved the challenge.Well thats it for now. I will have much more to share with you tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Go Create and Be Extraordinary!


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