Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow is a Four Letter Word!

At least for me. If it would snow only on the grass that would be great. I hate to drive in it. I work 35 miles away from home and by the time I get to work or home from work in this weather, I'm totally stressed. I thought I would share a few pictures of today's storm.

19 Inches! Well almost. I couldn't believe how much snow! Yes, the yardstick is upside down. I deleted the right picture by accident but we did get 19 inches.

This was taken towards the end of the storm. A few house away through the trees I see the flag is still flying!

My husband clears paths to the backyard, to the electric and water meters. He goes out to shovel on and off all day. We are the only house in our city where you can see the driveway and walkways!

While I was in the backyard taking pictures, the sun came out and I caught this shot of the snow falling off the branches of the trees. I think its a pretty shot.

Thats it for now! Although it was a snow day I took the time to do household stuff which wasn't very much fun.
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