Friday, December 9, 2016


Hi Everyone. Welcome back to Part 2.
Grab your favorite beverage!!!
Black Friday we decided to head down town. Let me tell you the stores were empty and this was around noon. Either everyone was there at early morning hours or they were all shopping online.
We ended up only going in a few stores but I did find some art.
The next three photos were taken in Anthropology.
These flowers and vines were all created with corks.

The were created on the walls so I couldn't get a close shot. I only took my cell phone on this trip.

Loved the moose.

I love street art. It's my favorite.
We stayed at the Acme Hotel Company and it was full of street style art. I loved it.
Soon as I saw the door I knew I would love it.
Front desk
The front window. My husband's favorite movie!
The elevators had album covers on one wall.
Emergency exit door.
Large canvas with hand prints were the headboards.
The extra sink. Loved the light fixture.
This is the nightlight in the bathroom. It's in the mirror.
We have to stop and look at Macy's windows.

This was one was cool. The snow would start blowing around and it would turn into another animal.

AND Christmas Outfits

The Saturday of Thanksgiving, my birthday, we saw Hamilton. What a fantastic show. It is a must see!
The worse part of the weekend is having to say goodbye to my daughter. She's not coming home for Christmas this year (first time) and it was very, very hard to say goodbye.
These large pieces are on the way to the airport from the trains.

Well, that's it. My next trip won't be until the summer. I hope you enjoyed all the art.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. WOW!!! What a fabulous assortment of art!! I must say my favorite is the first pieces, are they beaded?? I just love them! Thax again for sharing with us Karenliz,and I am sorry about your daughter, I know the pain "(
    sending hugs,Jackie xx


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