Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Episode of National Geographic in our parking lot

Hi Everyone!
I work full time and we had a wonderful and gross experience in the parking lot.
It started by someone yelling my name to go to his office to look out the window.
I was able to go out to the parking lot and stand 10 feet away to take these pictures.
Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk with is catch of the day. 

This last picture is my favorite.

He stayed for about two hours eating his catch.
Flying back and forth.
It was like we were watching a National Geographic show.
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  1. Fabulous photos- you did real well with "catching" them! heehee
    Truly great pics Karenliz!

  2. Great photos, Karenliz - weren't you lucky to be able to watch it all so closely?! (Gross or not!)


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