Monday, January 30, 2012

Art Journal Every Day: Art Journal vs. Scrapbook

On Julie's Art Journal Every Day she asked a question, What do you think? What's the difference between art journaling and scrapbooking for you?

There is a big difference for me. My art journals are where I play with paper, paints, inks, nothing is planned, some of my journals are private some are not, they are all experiments.  Scrapbooking to me means that it needs to be planned; pictures printed, colors chosen carefully to fit the theme, and having the perfect embellishments.  Although in my head I know this isn't true. You can do anything in a scrapbook but my head and hands are still having a hard time remembering that fact. My very first journal that I started are stories about my childhood for my daughter.  Something would come up and I would tell her a story and she would say write it down!  Now as I continue to write stories I find myself decorating the pages more and adding pictures. It's not made with the perfect embellishments but in a way it looks like a scrapbook page. I still feel art journaling is just so freeing whether I use a picture or not.  As soon as I call it a scrapbook page my creativity stops. For me scrapbooking has rules and art journaling does not. I guess I have an issue, right? 

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