Monday, December 5, 2011

My Smashing Travels

I bought a SMASH journal and took it with me to Chicago. They now come in two sizes and this one is the small one (5.6 x 7ish).  I decided to use this size for travel. I worked on these pages in Chicago. Now all I have to do is add pictures.

This is what the cover looks like. When I finish the journal, I will decorate the cover but until then it will be just left blank.

This is the inside cover. I found this picture in Southwest's magazine. The black letters are black glitter stickers that I brought with me.

This next page is all about the trip and where we ate the first night. I used stuff from the airlines magazine, tags on my bag and the TSA sticker after they searched my bag.

The third page has a journal tag that you can buy for the SMASH journals. I forgot I had it in my bag. The "Thinker" sticker was on the toilet paper cover and I added movie tickets.
The next page I will add pictures and a few other embellishments.

Because I don't like to decorate the cover until I'm done I decided to keep the plastic cover on it.
With the cover on it's hard to get at the pen. As you can see here, I just cut off the plastic over the pen so that I can easily use it.

It's hard to see because of the clear plastic but if you look closely you can see the plastic is only cut off the pen.  The pen has glue on one end and the other end is the pen.  The pen is nice but I don't like the glue.  I carry a glue stick with me instead. 

I carry all my journals and supplies in a Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag in XS. You can click on the name and it will link you to where I bought it from so you can see all the details.
It's a perfect little bag and comfortable to carry.

This time around I carried the following in it:
3 Journals (3 sizes; med, small and extra small)
Faber Castell Pitt Pens (lots of colors)
6x6 Crafter Workshop Templates
Ink and stamps
Misc. small templates
Glue Stick
Journal Tag (Smash journal supplies)
Small manila tags; vintage music paper and dictionary paper
There is also a pocket in this page for a small ipad, nook, etc.
I carried my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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