Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tags, Tags, Tags!

Salutations!  I have a three tags to show you today that I made last week. I have not seen my art room for a week and I'm going through withdrawals!  It was was time to get things done in and around the house that just couldn't be ignored. On with the tags (one is card!)!!!

All made with scraps, distress inks and stamp.

Distress inks, star stencil, Dazzles stickers, and scraps.

Distress inks, swirls and circles stencils, Dazzles stickers, fancy brad, ribbon and stamp

This is the inside.

I really like working with tags and making them into cards. I just have to design an envelope for each tag card. I'm going to start with the size of an #10 envelope and then cut it down. It should work perfect.

I have a question for all paper artists. There are many that sell their cards either online, craft fairs or boutiques.  My mother was an artist and she always told me that as an artist you should always sign your work. I have always signed my cards, tags, canvas, and ATCs.  Here is my signature:

I use a little lizard punch and sign and date it. I do have a new signature that I just created but I haven't perfected it yet.  My question to you is do you sign your pieces of art?

When I decided to start a blog I couldn't think of a name. I almost named it "I don't have enough time for art why am I blogging" but then I remembered my tea. I always go into my art room with a cup of tea before I start anything. My favorite time in my craft room is Sunday morning IF (big if) I wake up early. I make a cup of tea and go in and start or finish a piece of art. Now that I've been blogging since September I realize I might change the name of my blog. Not sure if I will but the thought has crossed my mind quite often lately.  Anyone else change the name of their blog after its been up for a few months?  

Thanks so much for stopping by! I really do appreciate it. 

Go Create and Be Extraordinary!

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