Monday, August 31, 2015

Using Left Over Paint in My Art Journal

These journal pages were completed during my art retreat.
I started by stamping faces on pages and figured I go back and finish them.
During the day of creating I ended up with lots of left over paint.
I decided to the a palette knife and putting the paint in my art journal.


This one is actually my favorite.

Sometimes less is more.
I feel sometimes pages are finished with just a few swipes of paint.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Creating Dual Color Flowers for a Card with TCW Stencils

Well, I'm not fond of the card but it's the technique I love.
I used the Mini Impression Stencil to create the flowers.

I know you're saying, I don't see flowers.
Oh but you will!

On this card I used DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics and American Multi-Surface Satin paint in these colors.

I put both shades of each color on my craft mat and dabbed it on and off with a cosmetic sponge.
You don't want to fill the sponge with too much paint or it will go under the stencil, unless you like that look.
Below you can see the sponge has two colors on it.

Put the stencil on the paper and dab the sponge in a circular motion.
As you can see below I had the darker color on the inside and the lighter on the outside.
Looking at the stencil design it doesn't look like a flower but repeating this process and turning the stencil design around you achieve the look of a flower.

Here is the purple flower finished.
This next stencil design reminds me of a rose.
I repeated the same process above.
This was the first layer of paint.

Look roses!

For the vase I used deli paper and some of the other designs from this stencil.

It's not my usual style.
Something on my list to try.
I may try it again but for now I can cross it off my list.
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Flower Power!

When I traveled to +JackieP Neal 's for an art retreat (read about HERE) I took time to wonder around her property taking pictures of many things. 
My favorite are her flowers.
Most of my pictures are macro/close up shots. 
I love all the details, texture and colors of the flowers.
All my pictures here were taken with my Canon SX710HS.

This wonderful posed for me for these shots.

Love this shot.

Even buds are beautiful.
Look at all the little hairs and texture on these buds.

This is a fun shot I took on Jackie's vintage table.

That's it for now.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cards Created with New 2015 Summer Stencils from The Crafter's Workshop

I can't wait for you to see all the great stencils.
You can see them HERE.
They are coming to a store near you soon!!!!
If you click HERE I have a post up showing you how I used the Joyful Sunflower and Sheet Music stencil to create two cards.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

My Art Room and New Journal Cover

Hi Everyone!

I'm still in the process of reorganizing my art room.
I'm trying to use August to get it where I feel it's more efficient.

Purging things I don't want and moving things I don't use that often has been eye opening.
I realized my direction in art has changed.

I pulled out those things I don't use as often and took over the dining closet.
I have a little mail room set up in the closet now too.
I can finally find what I need to put art in the mail.

I'm stuck now.
It's a small room and I still feel closed in.
I may have to move the furniture around now.
When I'm done I will post a video.

I finished a journal cover.
I've been into black, white and silver.
Here is a close up of the cover.

I used three stencils from The Crafter's Workshop.
TCW529s Ravenscape
TCW541s Believe Script
TCW472s Persian Gate

Liquitex Modeling Paste
Glass beads, frame, jewelry pieces
Imaginecrafts Metallic Medium in Silver

This frame, flower buttons and the hummingbird is what started me with the idea for the cover.

I started with creating the background first leaving space for the frame.
This is the completed cover.

I still have to complete the spine and the back cover.
I will just mimic the front cover minus the frame.
I would like to start to teach using stencils so this will be used for my ideas.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Don't Lose Your Muchness!!!!

This art is a blast from the past and a perfect time to post it again.
I'm still in the process of reorganizing my art room.
It's been nice finding things I thought were lost or I threw them out.
Plus it's given me some new inspiration and another look at my art.
Taking time away from my blog except for a few posts here and there has been great.
Don't get me wrong I love to blog but sometimes I need to just step back.
Some artists say it's a bad thing, no blog posts, no nothing.
If you follow me on Instagram (Karenliz Henderson), I have not been idle.
I'm creating lots.
If you don't follow me, please do!!!
The movie Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp is my all time favorite movie when I'm in a need of inspiration.  All the characters, the story and all the colors are amazing.
Before I left for my art retreat I thought I was bonkers.
The weekend before I left I was at a picnic and there were many who asked how my art was going, am I still doing arts and crafts, asking to see pictures, etc.
There were quite a few people who just don't get the joke my craft room is worth more than my house.
Why would I want to do this all the time, etc.
As the day went on I starting questioning why and started to feel embarrassed about my art.
I was at a picnic where half the guests just don't get it. 
Am I crazy?
I was losing my self confidence or losing something.
My daughter helped me find it.
There are many people who won't get what I'm doing.
There are many people who support and love what I'm creating.
Being an artist can be lonely BUT art retreats and workshops help me meet people just like me.
And my daughter said, "But Mom creating art makes you happy".
She's right. It makes me very happy.
I get excited to walk into my art room and  get my hands messy.
I was forgetting my happiness.
If you are struggling with your art, get out of your studio go to a workshop, an art retreat, walk around the art store and talk to others in the store. Strike up a conversation asking why they are buying that product or what they use it for. You will be amazed after talking to them for a few brief minutes that you found someone who loves art just like you.
You are not alone!
Love you Kaylyn!
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Summertime Sea Creatures and Purging Time

Hi Everyone!
Here is what I made for my blog post on The Crafter's Workshop blog.
Head on over to the blog HERE and see how I created it.
While you are there check out the other Design Team Member's creations.
I will be posting less in August as I'm trying to rearrange and purge my art room. It's amazing when I find things I bought but never used. I have 8 drawers left to go through. I'm missing so many things that it's just time to get it all done.
So far I have one huge plastic bin full of stuff that I will be donating to a scrapbooking breast cancer event in October. I have a feeling I will have to buy another bin!
How many times have your purged and rearranged your art area?
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Art Retreat Weekend - The Best Ever!!!!!

Hi Everyone.
I'm so excited to tell you about my art retreat weekend. 
It was so much fun.

I met +JackieP Neal , +Sherie Eddy  and +Becky Wentworth online. We have been working on a collaborative art journal for over five or six months now. I met Sherie for the first time with her sister, +Pam Wildeboer , in Chicago in June. It was like we were all friends forever.

You never know what will happen when you meet online friends in person for the first time. I'm driving six hours away, all by myself (a first), and it could have gone all wrong but it didn't. It was perfect. For me it felt like we have always known each other.

When I finally arrived the first thing I saw was this sign.

Jackie and Riley had everything set up for us. Here was our sleeping quarters. They had our beds set up with towels, wash cloths and toiletries on our pillows. 

Jackie and Riley spoiled us rotten with fresh veggies from their huge garden and fresh eggs from their chickens. You couldn't ask for anything more. 

We started right away in the Jackie's art barn. 

I would love to have a space like this!!!!

Jackie taught us how to alter vintage bottles. Here is Jackie's serious teacher picture.

This bottle is Sherie's. Gorgeous!

This one is Becky's. Stunning!

This is one is Jackie's, our teacher extraordinaire! Beautiful!

I created this one.  

Becky taught us beading. I've never attempt it before but it was a lot of fun. Very relaxing. Here are a few more pictures of our time creating.





Sherie and I loved the chickens. Sherie was able to hand feed them.

This one didn't like the camera but I got it.

There was one who loved the camera. I'm sure she's a diva in the chicken coup.
Can you tell?

Here is another one.

We also used some Pinterest inspiration to create abstract paintings.

We laughed, ate, laughed some more and I created more art.


I fell in love with Chum. Isn't he cute.

We even took a selfie!

I was very excited to go. I didn't have any expectations. I only wanted to make it there without getting lost. When I go to any art event, I just go with the flow. I usually talk more than create art. This was my first art retreat weekend and it was more than I could have imagined. We had times where we were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe and conversations about art, our blogs, and teaching. I don't have anyone in my area who creates art like I do so this was a fantastic weekend.

I would like to thank Jackie and Riley for all their hard work.
It was a fantastic weekend.
I am truly blessed to meet these fantastic Artsista's!
I will have some landscape/flower pictures to show you on Friday!

Thanks so much for stopping by!