Saturday, August 31, 2013

TAG YOU'RE IT: Quicky Tags

I actually don't have a step by step for TAG YOU'RE IT. I didn't have a lot of time to play with tags and I forgot my camera to take pictures.  One tag had a pale yellow background and the other had a blob of spray ink on it.  So I decided to change them with distress inks and stencils. You can see each stencil I used behind each tag.

Here are the two tags side by side.
These tags will be a great addition to an art journal page. Do you use tags in your art journals?
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Red is Not My Color!

Today I have a shadow box to show you. This creation took a long time to do. Do you ever get a wonderful idea and start it then before you are finished it's not turning out they way you thought it would? Well, that's what happened here BUT now that it's done I do love it.

I found these wonderful shadow box frames at Red Lead Paperworks. They are unfinished so you can do whatever you want with them. Plus they are only 6x6; my perfect size. To add something to the front I used the Ledger stencil (TCW267) and modeling paste and once dried I painted it a dark red. That's where I stopped. Red is just not my color and I don't use it very often unless its mixed with other colors.

So I decided to add another color to the frame, gold, which is not my color either.  I also found this piece of card stock and thought it would look okay but then it sat for days on my table.

Sitting at my table I pulled out my box of bits and found all these little pieces that would fit in perfect including the paper roses.  
Red and gold may not be my colors but it was a good challenge to work outside my comfort zone. I love it now.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Fav Colors!

On Wednesdays Donna Downey has "inspiration wednesday + a video" in her art journal.  When I saw it the colors just popped so I had to try out that color combo too.  I will be trying this color combo on other creations too. Love them.

I used my new small Dylusions journal, paints in oranges, yellows, teal, rubber stamps, letter stickers and a sharpie.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Colors!
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hmmm Bad Hair Day?

On my last visit to Chicago to see my daughter the down town area had all these very large planters shaped as heads and the top of the head was open for plants.  With the different color heads and plants they all looked like they were having a bad hair day. 

I used a Dylusions stencil and distress inks and added the leaf vine all around and then I added light modeling paste around the picture.  Distress inks react to water so when you add modeling paste it picks up all the colors of the distress inks. It's a great way to add dimension without adding any more color.
Bad hair day, right?
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Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm created a Scrapbook page for The Crafter's Workshop

Hello Everyone.  I'm a guest on The Crafter's Workshop blog. I created a scrapbook page and I love it.  Here is a sneak peak but go over to TCW's blog and see my quick and easy tutorial.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pen Pal Painting Exchange: The Sketchbook Project

I joined in on another project with The Sketchbook Project. It's called Pen Pal Painting Exchange where I received in the mail a 4"x4" stretch canvas and a custom note card. I returned the painting and I will receive a painting from a pen pal from anywhere in the world.

Here is my painting.

I added the cornflower stencil to both sides.

Here is all the texture. I love it. I purposely used the heat gun to add the bubbles in the paint.

I can't wait to see my painting from my pen pal!
I will post it as soon as I receive it.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

She talks with her HANDS

My daughter is a Sign Language Interpreter and when I saw this stencil designed by Pam Carriker for Stencil Girl I had to get it.  I used modeling paste, Dylusions Spray Inks, rub-ons and a picture of my daughter's hands (shadow). She was trying to do the college's logo for the ASL department but it isn't quite there but I love the picture anyway.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'M LAUGHING! What was I thinking?

The one thing about art/visual journaling is that there are no mistakes and I just let it take me where ever it wants to go.  With die cuts (Memory Box) and acrylic paints in hand I just went at it. 
Here is a close up of all the layers.

I'm going to add a few more colors and maybe stencils here and there. I think it needs more.

I don't know what I was thinking! Oh yay, I wasn't!!!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Crafter's Workshop - A Wonderful Invitation

Hello everyone!
I'm so excited.
Today I'm a guest blogger on to The Crafter's Workshop blog
Here is a sneak peak of what you will see!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TAGS! Different but the same.

I had my god-daughter, Cassidy, for the weekend and we had an adventure to a new store and had some crafting time.  We headed up to Westbrook to Beautiful Impressions A Rubber Stamps Store. It's in a beautiful Victorian house and Terri has every nook and cranny filled with products. It's one of those stores where you have to walk around a few times because each time you turn around you see something you didn't see before.  Plus there are plenty inspirational creations all around the store.

It's Cassidy's birthday at the end of the month so I did buy plenty of new supplies for her and a few for me too. Once home we decided to use the large #12 manila tags plus her new Prima Mixed Media Doll stamps (Doll 5 and Doll 4) to start creating.

Each tag is so different from each other in color and style but the quotes are the same although written differently.

Her quote (it's hard to read):
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
We both picked these quotes at different times from each other and didn't even discuss them until we both looked at our finished tags together.
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love New Stamps!

One of the new stamps sets I bought at the Ink Pad is by Lynne Perrella - Collection 08. I love her designs.  Her designs are vintage and in collage form. I don't know how else to describe them. I decided to use one of the stamps and make a card. 

First I found this background paper full of color made with acrylic paint and many stencils.
Then I added some scraps of paper I found in my stash, stamped the image on another piece of scrap and attached it all to the card.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

TAG YOU'RE IT! - Ugly Green

Today's TAG YOU'RE IT is trying to use the ugly green color on this tag. Here is what it looked like and it already the flowers on it (modeling paste though a stencil (Donna Downey).  I don't like that color green and once I put the flowers on it I just didn't like it.

Looking at the tag's background it must have been another color I think blue. I decided to spray the flowers with spray ink. I let it dry on it's own which gave me a little more time to decide what to do next.
Next, I added some rub-ons (Tim Holtz) and white acrlyic paint through a stencil (TCW Tiny Cirlces).
Now I'm starting to like it. It just needs some final touches.....

The butterfly I cut out and creased his wings so they are more dimensional. Butterflies always seem to give projects that extra touch.
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Friday, August 9, 2013

See Me on The Crafters Workshop blog!

Today I'm featured on The Crafter's Workshop Blog.  They are featuring my piece when I was taking over by stencil aliens (they do exist!).   

Go over and have a look!
The Crafter's Workshop Blog is full of inspiration!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Collage: A Mom's Journal

I have one journal that I don't share here but I have one collage page to show you. This journal is from Michael's Crafts. They have their own version and this one is black and white. The pages already have backgrounds and you just had what you want. The paper is pretty thick and you do use them with wet or dry mediums.

In this journal I use my daughter's eyes. Its all about me as a mom and I wanted to use my daughter in it in some way.  Here eyes are perfect. I found a great picture of her and in Photoshop Essentials changed it to look like a pencil drawing, then cropped it to see her eyes only.  I adore this page. I don't know why.

Here is a close up.

All the bits and pieces are from my box of bits and the "20 tab" doesn't represent her age it was just another pop of color.

I'm linking this to Julie's Art Journal Every Day!
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sooooooo Bored

At work on Friday is was so quiet and by the afternoon there were only two of us. I didn't have very much work and I was on the first floor all by myself.  I was so bored.  All I can think of was what I can do in my art room.  Then a light bulb went off. I don't have any supplies with me but what can I use.  The only thing installed on the computers is Paint. It's one of those programs that no one really uses and it's not exactly state of the art.  Here are two pieces I completed.

Delight in the Beauty of Every Day Blessings
The one below is called Three Friends. I love this one. I don't know why. I think its because they are so abstract I guess.

Three Friends
I might give this a try again. Like a said its not state of the art but it does make you have to think about what you can use to create a picture. There are not very many tools.
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Corn Flowers

For some reason I keep focusing on this one stencil, Corn Flowers (TCW375). I have two sizes, 6x6 and 12 x 12. This is a mixed media piece on watercolor paper (4x6). I am going to frame it.
First I added stamps to the background with jet black archival ink.
Second, I added acrylic paints to the background.
I finished it with a tag and corn flowers (white acrylic paint). I also used the tiny circles stencil (TCW361). Another favorite!
I have been buying frames for many of my creations. I will post pictures of with and without frames in a post in the future. It's amazing what a frame does for art work.
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Anyone else having problems uploading pictures in blogger?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Art Journal Page: The Singing Birds

Here is a journal page I created while I was in Chicago. Here are the supplies I used to make the page plus the large image stamp.

I used gelatos for the background. I just made a small circles of color then sprayed the page and all the color spread. I love to do that. For the stamps I used archival inks.  Here is the final page.
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