Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Everything!

Salutations! I spent Thanksgiving visiting my daughter in Chicago and did it go by fast! WOW! It was very cold while we were there and of course windy! Thanksgiving we get up early and go watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It's like New York's but not nearly as large. We have reservations every year for a very yummy dinner and the best part is the Chocolate Mocha Pecan Pie! My daughter and I save desserts for later in the evening. After dinner we do our annual walk (have to make room for dessert!) around Chicago looking at the lights and window shop. Chicago is such a beautiful city but with the holidays the decorations are outstanding. 

Today I thought I would show you a picture I took of the city from Navy Pier. I'm not the greatest photographer but I love to play with all the settings. The one thing I haven't mastered yet is taking a pictures at night.  The beautiful shots of the stream of lights from cars going down a street or over a bridge are wonderful. I love those shots. This time I wanted to do the same thing but with the city scape.

I thought this was different and fun. Yes, I was actually trying to do this! I really like this shot. I love modern art so this shot for me is my modern art in photography.   Thats it for today.  I will have Christmas cards to show you soon.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Go Create and Be Extraordinary!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gift Card Holder

Salutations! With a large cup of tea I went to my craft room and decided to use more paper scraps to make this gift card holder.  It was trial and error in deciding how big I wanted it. This one is 2.5" x 3.5" and fits a gift card perfectly. I still have to do a little tweaking so I can make a template to use over and over.  The back, which I forgot to photograph, has a Velcro closing with a tiny red tassel.

I did make a few Christmas cards but some of the embellishments are still drying. When I make cards I piece together everything on the card before I use any adhesive. I usually have a two or three cards in process at once mixing and matching embellishments.  This may sound nutsy but I find that if I take a picture of the card, with cell phone, it helps me see it in a different light before I finalize it.

That's it for now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope you all get to share some wonderful time with your families.

Go Create and Be Extraordinary!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tags, Tags, Tags!

Salutations!  I have a three tags to show you today that I made last week. I have not seen my art room for a week and I'm going through withdrawals!  It was was time to get things done in and around the house that just couldn't be ignored. On with the tags (one is card!)!!!

All made with scraps, distress inks and stamp.

Distress inks, star stencil, Dazzles stickers, and scraps.

Distress inks, swirls and circles stencils, Dazzles stickers, fancy brad, ribbon and stamp

This is the inside.

I really like working with tags and making them into cards. I just have to design an envelope for each tag card. I'm going to start with the size of an #10 envelope and then cut it down. It should work perfect.

I have a question for all paper artists. There are many that sell their cards either online, craft fairs or boutiques.  My mother was an artist and she always told me that as an artist you should always sign your work. I have always signed my cards, tags, canvas, and ATCs.  Here is my signature:

I use a little lizard punch and sign and date it. I do have a new signature that I just created but I haven't perfected it yet.  My question to you is do you sign your pieces of art?

When I decided to start a blog I couldn't think of a name. I almost named it "I don't have enough time for art why am I blogging" but then I remembered my tea. I always go into my art room with a cup of tea before I start anything. My favorite time in my craft room is Sunday morning IF (big if) I wake up early. I make a cup of tea and go in and start or finish a piece of art. Now that I've been blogging since September I realize I might change the name of my blog. Not sure if I will but the thought has crossed my mind quite often lately.  Anyone else change the name of their blog after its been up for a few months?  

Thanks so much for stopping by! I really do appreciate it. 

Go Create and Be Extraordinary!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Enjoy The Journey!

Salutations!  Today will be a short post. I had one of those weekends where I had so many ideas floating around in my head that I had a hard time actually creating anything. I try to write down all my ideas so I can focus on at least one. It didn't work this time!  Many things were started but were put off to the side to try again another day. 

The one tag I created and completed was made with Tim Holtz stamps, distress inks and two stamps from Stampin Up.

Thats it for today! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Go Create and Be Extraordinary!